Keyfiat andishan jahan negar company has started its activities with the target of production and distribution of dairy products with unique features in 1389, and in this regard, using the most experienced food industry experts and experienced personnel, specialized laboratory and the most advanced devices. Globally, it has succeeded in offering specialized products in the field of probiotics and vitamin supplements that affect the improvement of the immune system.Consumption of such organic products can play an important role in reducing diseases and improving the health of our dear compatriots

Today, due to the high amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in butters, the consumption of vegetable butter has become widespread in the world. Due to the type of process and variety of vegetable oils used, this product has a high nutritional value and has a      good taste and smell

The company’s products include the following groups:

Margarine food

Margarin white

vegetable butter(confectionery’ s fat)